Invio - The Custom EDA Platform - Create and deliver EDA tools quickly and easily using intuitive APIs and packaging capabilities

How Invio will accelerate your custom EDA development


RTL Processing Engine

Automatically parse, elaborate, search and explore your RTL.


Full Language Support

Complete support for Verilog, SystemVerilog, and VHDL (including non-synthesizable).

API icon

Intuitive APIs

Easy to use Python and Tcl APIs for immediate productivity.


GUI Builder

Build cross-platform graphical user interfaces with Invio’s EDA widget library.


Application Packager

Compile your app into a single executable file for clean and consistent tool deployment.


Add-On Modules

Use targeted add-ons to accelerate app-specific development.

Learn more about Invio

Check out our “5 Minutes to Flop Detect” tutorial to see how easy it is!

Why build your own EDA tools? Read This!

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What people are saying


“The Invio Platform is enabling Maxim to build custom EDA applications to extract information from complex System Verilog verification environments. …”

“We see platforms like Invio as enabling an emerging and critical trend in semi-conductor development. …”

- Prabal Bhattacharya
Senior Principal Member of Technical Staff
EDA at Maxim Integrated
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- Wolfgang Roesner
IBM Fellow Hardware Verification and Verification Tools
DAC 2014: Invited Talk