We specialize in being able to take on innovative projects requiring multi-disciplinary expertise. Much of our work falls into one of the following categories:

1. Commercialization of university research.

By leveraging our years of academic and industrial experience in  electrical engineering, chemistry, physics, computer science and startup business development we are able to quickly evaluate new technology, solidify value propositions and investigate markets and sales channels. From competitive analysis to product definition and “proof of technology/proof of market” prototypes we can provide the key ingredients to move technology out of the lab and into an “investor ready” state.

2. EDA Custom Tool Development

Using the Invio platform now available from Verific, we are able to develop custom EDA tools quickly. With the ability to take-on complete broad-scope projects and communicated quickly and effectively, we can provide the time-to-market and risk reduction advantage you need on your next development.

Invionics’ INVIO technology is now exclusively supplied by Verific Design Automation.

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