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RTL Builder Application

RTL Builder

Integration of sub-block RTL into a toplevel design is a tedious and error-prone task. With the Invio™ platforms powerful API an RTL builder or assembly tool can be quickly made ensuring correct connectivity of toplevel RTL and thus reducing verification churn.

Partitioning Application


Partitioning is a classic EDA problem, but often this type of functionality is only available at the gate level.  However, RTL-level partitioning can be critical in applications like FGPA prototyping and emulation. There are numerous approaches to the partitioning problem, one quick example being flop count-based partitioning. The Invio™ platforms breadth and flexibility allow it to enable a variety of different means to solving the partitioning problem!

RAM Built-In Self-Test Insertion Application

RAM BIST Insertion

RAM BIST insertion tools are generally expensive and have difficulty adapting to custom design flows and non-standard RAM usage models. It’s a classic example of how the “One Tool To Rule Them All” approach fails — what is a relatively simple problem in a constrained flow or environment becomes very complex when trying to solve the general case. The Invio™ platform allows you to customize RAM BIST insertion to your internal design flows, controllers and RAMs, simplifying the problem and allowing you to optimize for your case.

Assertion Creation Application

Assertion Creation

The Invio™ platform is not constrained to just the synthesizable subset of the HDL languages but rather encompasses the entire SystemVerilog, Verilog and VHDL language scopes. As such, Invio™ can be used for applications like assertion generation tools and GUIs that help aid the design and verification teams on their push to tapeout.

Reset Design Rule Check and Modification

Reset Modification

Design rule checking is another area that the Invio™ platform’s API can really help simplify. Not only that, but one can envision DRC checking and fixing. Below we see an example of checks for synchronous reset flops and and replacing them with asynchronous resets this via the Invio™ API and the RLT Modification Module.

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