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Invionics 48 Hour DAC Design Challenge

Posted by: Shawna Quinton | Posted on: June 1st, 2015 | 2 Comments

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The developers at Invionics are ready to show the world how fast EDA App development can be with the Invio Platform.

Invionics is holding a 48 hour EDA Development Challenge at the 52nd DAC. That’s right. They are ready to, as they say, “eat their own dog food”. I have to admit, I’d never heard the term, but this is certainly not the only time I have wanted a Startup to English translation dictionary!

To put their money where their mouth is, Invionics will collect suggestions and votes on the first day of DAC (Monday June 8) for a front-end EDA application. All reasonable suggestions will be accepted — things like clock tree exploration, RAM BIST insertion or domain crossing verification (creating a full SystemVerilog simulator in 48 hours might be a bit of a stretch!). At 2 pm we will pick the app with the most votes and call 2 of our developers in Vancouver. They will have 48 hours to build the winning app idea based on the Invionics’ Invio Custom EDA Platform. The app will be demonstrated live at the booth on Wednesday June 10 from 2 pm until the trade show closes at 6 pm.

If you can’t get to booth #2507 on June 8 for a contest entry, you can make an app suggestion here on the blog comments, or you can find us on Facebook or Twitter @Invionics. Mark entries with #Invio48. We’ll post contest updates mainly on Twitter, but we’ll try to cover Facebook and our blog too.

To sweeten the deal, we are giving away an iPad 2. If you suggest an app idea or vote on one, you are entered for the iPad giveaway. The only catch is you have to be at DAC on the afternoon of Wednesday June 10 to collect it!

If you’re at DAC, stop by booth #2507 to enter the contest, get an update or see the live demo. Or just to say ‘hi’ to Brad and Trent, whom I’m assuming will be enjoying the extra carpet padding I ordered for the booth!

– Shawna Quinton (guest blogger when the team is too busy prepping for DAC!)


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